Transforming the way people work

With our belief that a job can change a person’s life, we continue to innovate to make work easier and accessible for everyone

About Sabbar

We are a Saudi tech-startup which launched in 2019 to create technology solutions to boost the recruitment process in the retail, hospitality, and entertainment industry.


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Across Saudi Arabia




Hourly Workers



Our Vision

Transform the way people work by helping them find easy and fast income opportunities everyday wherever they go.

We create job opportunities

We create job opportunities by reaching out to businesses and publishing their peak-hours and seasonal staff needs in a mobile app which connect to thousands of workers looking for flexible and hourly work.

Beyond work

Transform the way people work by creating a culture of hustling and inspiring people to become proactive, develop their professional skills, and grow personally to create a positive impact on their lives.

Our Values

  • Challenge Directly

    We grow exponentially by thriving on a culture of encouraging honest feedback and challenging each other directly

  • Think Big

    We are not afraid of setting high goals for ourselves, this motivates us to innovate new ways on how to grow above and beyond

  • Cultivate Personal Growth

    We are on an on-going process to discover and unlock your potential

  • Build Human Connections

    We are NOT a family, we are best friends. There is nothing to hide and no need to pretend you like the food

  • Live Smarter

    We deliberately find time to recharge and reflect to take care of our physical and mental health

Life at Sabbar